Piebird is a happy place to inspire kindness. We (Sherry & Yan) started Piebird in 2005 as a place of Peace-filled smiles upon the path to Animal Liberation.

As a sanctuary, 29 feathered and four-legged friends call Piebird their loving home. As a sanctuary, we dedicate our lives to their lives. As a sanctuary, we dedicate our lives to Animal Liberation — because simply, liberty lives in every heart. Animal Liberation is as essential as every other liberty. If we are not all free, then none of us will ever be. As a sanctuary we advocate for Animal Liberation, Veganism, and love!

(For the sanctuary portion of Piebird, this year is a time where the continuing evolution makes its presence felt. Support the sanctuary.)

As a farmstay, you are invited to come stay and experience this peace. If being amongst love and sanctuary is your idea of welcomed goodness, then Piebird Vegan Farmstay might be the place for you! Bring your Mom, bring your friends. Bring your revolutionary & evolving love. Love deeper and deeper, until everyone is a believer. Bring your eccentric goofiness. Bring the truth in your heart. Bring your moral courage. Bring your reclamation of ethical consciousness. Bring your awakened unity. Bring your good vibes!

As a small seed co, this fertile soil here breathes inspiration into the heartbeats of gardeners everywhere. Feel that rousing in the roots? Feel that roaring in the heart? These seeds support sanctuary and inspire love!

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Piebird Farm Sanctuary goats

From their happy pasture where the grasses glow in the afternoon Sun, to their play-yard where smiles are ever-lasting, the goat-friends govern their own days, free to be. Maybe MommaBill will lead a parade. Maybe FreedaFreeFree will find a sunbeam big enough for everyone to bliss-out in. Maybe Sunshine will watch over the younger ones as they stay up late enjoying the lovely soul of moonlight. Maybe Mercy will make a new friend. Or maybe Jollygood will just flash a smile that sends out reverberations to inspire the VeganLove revolution. For the goat-friends here in sanctuary, every day is their own to enjoy in a gentle way. Love lives here.

Farm Sanctuary Animal Liberation

The Piebird goat family

Farm Sanctuary in Ontario

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Farm Sanctuary, chicken rescue

The chicken friends who live free here at Piebird are capable of great giant joys that hopefully inspire uprisings and revolts to further the vegan revolution! From Daffy dust-bathing in a sunbeam, to Otty leading an adventure to her new favourite secret spot, to Poppy contemplating which came first, her egg or her personhood — Everyone is free to be who they are without any expectation or exploitation, free to be their own persons.

vegan life with chicken friends

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Farm Sanctuary Ontario

As a family, the duck-friends are the newest friends to come live here in sanctuary. In their own way, they each have a zest for life that is truly contagious and inspires hope in us.

We built them a funky 8-sided house and planted their favourite plants all around it. They have a clover meadow out the back and a pool where they swim, splash and relax poolside, preening themselves in the sunshine. The duck-friends love to explore and find interesting things behind and under everything, mostly they find freedom.

Ducks, Farm Sanctuary

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save farm animals, chickens

Daffodil (Daffy) is a beautiful friend. She is an inspiring survivor of the egg industry. Now, here in sanctuary, she is thriving!

It took her over a year to recover from her previous life. All of the chicken friends here in sanctuary come from previous lives of oppression where head-shaking exploitation were infringements on their freedom, and Daffy’s story is a reminder that here in sanctuary, freedom is victorious!

Daffy is a kind and trusting friend to us and to the new arrivals in sanctuary. She is always the first to welcome new friends to the flock, most recently Ray.

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chicken save, vegan farm

Ray came to sanctuary in December 2016, and immediately melted all the hearts with love. He is a cheerful fellow who likes to snuggle and dance. Even though he is tiny tiny in size, he is very very brave in this big big world.

The best way to visit is to either come and stay or attend one of our monthly sanctuary tours. Sign up to our email list to be alerted of the schedule.

(If you live far, far away, you can catch up with the friends online: InstagramFacebookTwitter )


Interested in volunteering regularly at the sanctuary? Contact us

Residency Experience

This is our second year of offering a unique opportunity for the perfect applicant(s) to participate in the good life here and to turn their values of compassion into hands-on experience. See: www.piebird.ca/intern

Sanctuary Partners

We’re ready to expand and maybe you’ll be part of it! Have you been thinking of starting a sanctuary of your own? The best way for us to expand the number of animal-friends the sanctuary can be a home for is to expand the number of human care-givers who live here. Contact us

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