Piebird Farm Sanctuary goats

From their happy pasture where the grasses glow in the afternoon Sun, to their play-yard where smiles are ever-lasting, the goat-friends govern their own days, free to be. Maybe MommaBill will lead a parade. Maybe FreedaFreeFree will find a sunbeam big enough for everyone to bliss-out in. Maybe Sunshine will watch over the younger ones as they stay up late enjoying the lovely soul of moonlight. Maybe Mercy will make a new friend. Or maybe Jollygood will just flash a smile that sends out reverberations to inspire the VeganLove revolution. For the goat-friends here in sanctuary, every day is their own to enjoy in a gentle way. Love lives here.

Farm Sanctuary Animal Liberation

Farm Sanctuary in Ontario

The Piebird goat family has inspired us immensely towards a great and gentle simplicity of love. As a sanctuary, we have the opportunity to step beyond the theoretical ethics of a moment, and apply them to reality. We’re grateful for this learning that allows us to foster truly respectful communion and coexistence with the animal-friends living in sanctuary.

Sanctuary ought to not only fight to end the current domination of humans over other animals, but should also simultaneously begin to build an alternative society characterized by truly-loving and always-respectful relationships with all animal-persons.

As a farm sanctuary, we have to live love loudly, and show what non-exploitative, non-hierarchical relationships look like.

Sanctuary must do more than advocate for peaceful relationships with animal-friends, and must do more than engage in inspiring action to achieve this — as a sanctuary, we must also show that such respectful love-based relationships are indeed essential and empower others to create them.

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