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As a family, the duck-friends are the newest friends to come live here in sanctuary. In their own way, they each have a zest for life that is truly contagious and inspires hope in us.

We built them a funky 8-sided house and planted their favourite plants all around it. They have a clover meadow out the back and a pool where they swim, splash and relax poolside, preening themselves in the sunshine. The duck-friends love to explore and find interesting things behind and under everything, mostly they find freedom.

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Sanctuary should present a revolutionary vision. We very much see it as a revolutionary project to inspire society to have respectful relationships with the non-human world.

New ideas of peace, justice and love are always germinating, seeking to find their way into the light. As a sanctuary, our felt-responsibility is to give new ideas and new ways a space to be, to allow them to take root in life.

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