Sanctuary means intersectionality

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Intersectional veganism

Guests inform our intersectionality

We feel fortunate to host a broad cross-section of guest who come stay at Piebird and share different ambitions and different dedications towards the common good of achieving a better world. The diversity of their good desires are all linked together by the similarity of hope. Yet something more than hope is happening. All around us, we see hope in action.

That inner certainty of good people with good visions has been momentously inspiring to us. As we enter our twelfth year we feel enriched by the wealth of spirit and creativeness we see that brings about freedom and inspires peace.


As a sanctuary, our effort is for freedom, and any undertaking of freedom must be as broad as freedom itself. For freedom to approach liberation, it must be immensely generous with it’s inclusion. So we take an intersectional approach to work towards making mere freedom become true liberation.

As a sanctuary, we recognize and celebrate all efforts against injustice and hierarchy in the here and now — and we build a reflective place based on meaningful solidarity with all of those efforts.

If we are celebrating truthfulness here, then togetherness is always more transformative than anything less.

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