Sunshine, the happiest goat-friend

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Sunshine at Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Sunshine at Vegan Farm Sanctuary, Ontario

Our friend Sunshine is a very happy person. As a member of our family, Sunshine makes us laugh every day and we make him smile — and oh, he has the biggest smile we have ever seen! He loves to smile and he has a billion reason to — some of those reasons are that he is loved, respected, healthy and free.

Three years ago, the Canadian Government wanted to kill him. This ill-mannered behaviour is part of an “eradication program” by the CFIA. That was the beginning of what has grown into a vividly unpleasant relationship with this Agency. 

Inspired by Sunshine, in the Autumn of 2016 we made a declaration as “Conscientious Objectors to the War against Animals” to representatives of the Government of Canada (CFIA) when they came to the sanctuary. You can learn more about Sunshine’s story & our Conscientious Objector claim here:

(Read the letter here: )

We believe in peace for all non-human animals, for all beings. Our work, for the past twelve years, is to share new forms of connection, friendship, love and living-together with animal-friends that will lead to a broader peace — a peace based on establishing animal sovereignties and respecting each as individuals with sentience, love, language, laughter, family, friendship, community, creativity, imagination, joy and rights. This is the work we do at Piebird Farm Sanctuary. 

The animal-friends at our vegan farm sanctuary are our family. We live in cohabitation in such a way that our interests converge. Respecting the personhood of our animal-friends is to respect our own ethics. Safeguarding their own future is to attend to our own conscience. Satisfying their rights is to satisfy our own.


Sunshine puts his whole heart into his smile!


Above: Sherry and Sunshine enjoy a laugh in the Autumn light. Many years ago we recognized our kinship with all of our fellow living beings, and ever since we have devoted our lives to be guardians to those who have escaped the exploitation system and to advocate for those who have not. We have devoted our lives to their interests because we believe in freedom and respect for every individual. We cherish goodness and goodwill. Everyone is worth their birth. Their birthright is to be themselves, to be free — not born-to-die for profit and the superficial pleasure of somebody else’s tastebuds. Love.

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