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The best way to visit is to either come and stay or attend one of our monthly sanctuary tours. Sign up to our email list to be alerted of the schedule.

(If you live far, far away, you can catch up with the friends online: InstagramFacebookTwitter )


Interested in volunteering regularly at the sanctuary? Contact us if you are interested in volunteer opportunities for the sanctuary residents, or as part of our community outreach.

Residency Experience / Piebird Farm Sanctuary Internship

This is our fourth year of offering a unique opportunity for the perfect applicant(s) to participate in the good sanctuary life here and to turn their values of compassion into hands-on experience. See:—

Sanctuary Partners

We’re casually exploring expansion and maybe you’ll be part of it! Have you been thinking of starting a sanctuary? The best way for us to expand the number of animal-persons the sanctuary can be a home for is to expand the number of human care-givers who live here. Currently, we are actively exploring a co-op model of sanctuary. See:

Piebird is a happy place to inspire kindness. We (Sherry & Yan) started Piebird in 2005 as a place of Peace-filled smiles upon the path to Animal Liberation. Contact us if you can add energy to this vision.

Support / donate to the sanctuary

We’re grateful for your support! Become a monthly donor: — One-time donations:

Donations and sponsorships are always appreciated to help support the sanctuary work we do here. Your generosity directly supports the lives of the sanctuary residents in meaningful and simple ways. Donations also support our outreach advocacy and sanctuary expansion.

Visit Piebird Farm Sanctuary’s online store

We had lots of fun creating beautiful things for you, please do check out our online store:

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