Piebird Farm Sanctuary goats

From their happy pasture where the grasses glow in the afternoon Sun, to their play-yard where smiles are ever-lasting, the goat-friends govern their own days, free to be. Maybe MommaBill will lead a parade. Maybe FreedaFreeFree will find a sunbeam big enough for everyone to bliss-out in. Maybe Sunshine will watch over the younger ones as they stay up late enjoying the lovely soul of moonlight. Maybe Mercy will make a new friend. Or maybe Jollygood will just flash a smile that sends out reverberations to inspire the VeganLove revolution. For the goat-friends here in sanctuary, every day is their own to enjoy in a gentle way. Love lives here.

Farm Sanctuary Animal Liberation

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Farm Sanctuary - goats - FreedaFreeFree & LibbyBirdy

FreedaFreeFree and LibbyBirdy came to sanctuary at the same time and chose each other as their sanctuary-sister. Always together, they have an embodiment of sisterhood that is visibly luminous. Individually they are very different from each other, but they help each other be the best version of themselves. Their togetherness is inspiring!

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Sunshine at Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Sunshine at Vegan Farm Sanctuary, Ontario

Our friend Sunshine is a very happy person. As a member of our family, Sunshine makes us laugh every day and we make him smile — and oh, he has the biggest smile we have ever seen! He loves to smile and he has a billion reason to — some of those reasons are that he is loved, respected, healthy and free.

Three years ago, the Canadian Government wanted to kill him. This ill-mannered behaviour is part of an “eradication program” by the CFIA. That was the beginning of what has grown into a vividly unpleasant relationship with this Agency. 

Inspired by Sunshine, in the Autumn of 2016 we made a declaration as “Conscientious Objectors to the War against Animals” to representatives of the Government of Canada (CFIA) when they came to the sanctuary. You can learn more about Sunshine’s story & our Conscientious Objector claim here: www.piebird.org/sunshine

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