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The chicken friends who live free here at Piebird are capable of great giant joys that hopefully inspire uprisings and revolts to further the vegan revolution! From Daffy dust-bathing in a sunbeam, to Otty leading an adventure to her new favourite secret spot, to Poppy contemplating which came first, her egg or her personhood — Everyone is free to be who they are without any expectation or exploitation, free to be their own persons.

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Daffodil (Daffy) is a beautiful friend. She is an inspiring survivor of the egg industry. Now, here in sanctuary, she is thriving!

It took her over a year to recover from her previous life. All of the chicken friends here in sanctuary come from previous lives of oppression where head-shaking exploitation were infringements on their freedom, and Daffy’s story is a reminder that here in sanctuary, freedom is victorious!

Daffy is a kind and trusting friend to us and to the new arrivals in sanctuary. She is always the first to welcome new friends to the flock, most recently Ray.

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Ray came to sanctuary in December 2016, and immediately melted all the hearts with love. He is a cheerful fellow who likes to snuggle and dance. Even though he is tiny tiny in size, he is very very brave in this big big world. Ray is also fairly puffy and quite fluffy. He reminds us to dance every morning before breakfast. And insists upon it!

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