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A couple colonies of bee-friends live free here in sanctuary at Piebird Farm Sanctuary, in homes of their own design (we build them funky hollow log structures where they are safe, free and entirely independent inside). This time of year all of the dandelions and tree blossoms are full of little ladies working away.

You can sponsor a colony here in sanctuary by getting in touch with us: (We’re just making another hive, getting ready for the swarm season)

With good reason, many folks are concerned about bee health nowadays, so friends, please do not consume their honey. Not only do humans not have the right to exploit others, but taking what is theirs is very detrimental to bees.

Here’s more pics of their funky hollow log homes where they live free-to-be:

Funky bee hive

Honeybee hive

Bee colony vegan

Remember friends: honey is for bees.

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