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Below are some dates for our 2019 Workshop series

We’re returning to our core of offering an abundance of empowering workshops for you. For our first thirteen years here we engaged the community with a plethora of workshops and learning opportunities, but as the sanctuary responsibilities have grown, these educational experiences became fewer. So, we’re very excited to again share this sanctuary space as a place of sharing knowledge!

vegan cooking class


Saturday May 11th, 11 to 2 (This date is now full)
Saturday May 18th, 11 to 2 (There is still space on this date)

Learn vegan basics and tips from Sherry, a passionate and experienced whole food vegan cook of 32 years! In this class we’ll talk about how to stock your pantry and you will learn four basic vegan dishes that you can add to and combine in order to be nourished and delighted – all easy and accessible foods that are not expensive either – a bonus to counteract the misconception that eating vegan is expensive (because it doesn’t have to be!).

You’ll be inspired just by being in the Piebird kitchens (Yes, there are two! That’s how much we love to cook!) and will sit down to eat what we make together at the end of the class.

Whether you are “plant based”, transitioning to a vegan life style or just wanting to incorporate more wholesome, healthy easy vegan dishes into your day-to-day, this class is for you!

All participants must sign up in advance and pay in full. Limited space so sign up soon! Call 705 724-1144 or email love@piebird.ca — $49

vegan food pancakes for peace


Sunday May 19th   10 to 1pm
Community breakfast supporting animal-persons and promoting Peace! 100% Vegan!

$15-20 Reservations appreciated: 705-724-1144 love@piebird.org

Veganic Gardening Workshop


A complete exposure to the dynamic world of organic gardening

Sunday June 2nd, 9 to noon — Call 705 724-1144 or email love@piebird.ca — Cost: $49 (let us know if this inhibits your participation, we want this knowledge accessible to everyone)

  • Organic gardening foundations, site selection, soil building…
  • How helping to heal your soil can help heal the climate. And gardening in a changing climate.
  • Our zero-watering approach
  • Integrated composting, compost teas and managing your soil using only on-site inputs
  • Nourish the soil with plants rather than manures — Veganic gardening!
  • Learn the benefits of many weeds and make companion planting intuitive
  • Seed starting, seed saving and seed storage
  • Use perennial foods as part of a permaculture garden
  • Connecting soil health with plant health & your health
  • Employ interdependence within ecosystems; putting biodiversity to work controlling insects, pests, disease and unwanted weeds
  • Use seasonal, earthly, further forces & biodynamics
  • Inspiration to change your lifestyle so that growing food becomes a priority
  • & other avant-garde gardening practices…


Other Workshops

Make sure you are signed up to our email list for when 2019 dates are announced, Sign up: http://piebird.org/contact/email

Compassionate Communication Workshop

Creative  Activism Workshop

Monthly Vegan Meet-up

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