Tasty, wholesome, vegan and ready-in-an-hour*, these soups make homemade so easy!

3 Flavours:

vegan soup mixes

The locally sourced herbs and select spice blends help bring peace to a hectic life as the aroma fills the kitchen. Each variety conjures the wholesome homemade goodness of life moving a bit more slowly.

(*If you can plan ahead, the longer it simmers the better! And the next day all the magic has fully set in to make it even more delicious. Soup is amazing like that!)

Eco packaging! With beautiful art by Piebird's Yan.

(contact us if you want to hire Yan for illustration or design work)

Gift Box (by mail order or pick up)

Box of 3 or Box of 6. Through our online store (or via call-ahead pick-up at the sanctuary), our soups come in a lovely branded gift-box.

vegan and gluten free

Gluten Free
& Low sodium

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The Soup Story

From our hearts to your mailbox, you can now order Soup Mixes, from Piebird Farm Sanctuary!

At the sanctuary, we work long days outside all through the year. On the coldest days, the soup bubbling away on the wood stove is the best thing ever, it can be the spark we need to get through. We wanted to extend this feeling to you and to your friends who you may send the soups to.

We’ve heard our friends tell us that when they get home from a busy day or when they need a lift, putting one of our soups on the stove and letting the house fill up with the alluring aromas is like a warm hug, like a bowl of nourishing affirmation when they need it most.

Soup is togetherness!

Togetherness is essential. For our soups, we do all the work together: We grow, gather and dry the herbs together -- then Sherry creates the recipes while Yan draws the artwork for the packaging. Finally, you are invited into this togetherness soup as well! With a few whirls of a wooden spoon, the magic is completed. By sharing them with a friend, distance is dwindled, hearts are warmed, and the togetherness grows.

Piebird Farm Sanctuary


This trio of carefully designed soups, in their eco packaging, creates an intriguing and eye-catching display that delights the senses even before the delicious soups are stirred into a pot!

Contact us for the Wholesale Price List.
(Case of 36)


Carriage House Market

61 Memorial Park Dr
Powassan, ON

Krause Farms Food & Feed

357 Clark St
Powassan, ON

Blendz Healthy Market

319 Algonquin Ave
North Bay, ON

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