Supporters of Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Please support these wonderful folks who support Piebird Farm Sanctuary. Grateful. You can donate to the sanctuary here directly: -- Or see lower down on this page for suggestions of other great organizations to support.


"Show My Fav Sanctuaries Some Love!" by @taylersz

"In honour of World Vegan Day and the upcoming holiday of 'gifting', I am starting a fundraiser to raise money for my two favourite sanctuaries: @cedarrowfs and @piebird_farm_sanctuary. These sanctuaries are run by four of the most compassionate and dedicated people I know and their number one priority is the animals. Please join me in supporting these beautiful places of sanctuary by donating what you can to help them continue their incredible animal care and rescue. You can make a donation at:"

cedar row piebird


Vegan Legion supports Piebird for November

vegion legion"This month we are putting the spotlight on Piebird Farm Sanctuary, Ontario, Canada. Piebird is unique in every sense of the word, it is not only an amazing sanctuary for rescued animals, it is also a vegan agri-tourism destination for humans, with a guesthouse and cottage, vegan fare and vegan farm.

It is run by Sherry and Yan, we admire these guys a whole lot for their hard work, dedication and advocacy, and they truly deserve a helping hand.

We would like to remind you all that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for that reason we would like to dedicate this month's donation to our Turkey-friends happily residing at Piebird, and the millions of innocent lives that are brutally taken for no reason this holiday. Let us unite and help these guys out! Donate directly to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "

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The Kind Choice Food Co. (North Bay, Ontario)

A portion of the sales from their artisan vegan cheeses goes to support the goat-friends here at Piebird Farm Sanctuary! "We're a small vegan food company based in North Bay, On. We make artisan vegan cheeses, and carry a small selection of vegan grocery items." Visit Kind Choice Food Co on Facebook or on Instagram

View their vegan cheese options >

kind choice food co vegan cheese


Sweet Teeth Vegan (Toronto Food Truck)

"We are so grateful to be able to support the love that blooms @piebird_farm_sanctuary. To show our gratitude for for this love we are giving back a portion of our sales to help out all the goat friends, chicken friends, turkey friends, cat friends, duck friends, and bee friends! Check out all the good these guys are doing to spread #veganlove and compassion. Thanks you guys."

sweet teeth vegan food truck


Rise Above Restaurant

rise aboveFor two seasons now, $2 from every Compassion Platter ordered was donated to Piebird Farm Sanctuary.

Niagara's only 100% vegan restaurant and bakery. Located in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario!

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Splendiferous Handmade Fine Soaps

Splendiferous Handmade Fine Soaps will donate 20% of your purchase to Piebird Farm Sanctuary when you enter "Piebird" in the charity box during checkout. Handmade in Brampton, Ontario, 100% vegan with no palm oil or checmical additives.

splendiferous soaps


What we support:

Piebird gifts to Toronto Pig Save if you give to Animal Justice

For each donation to Animal Justice of $500 or more -- we will donate a retreat here at Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay (in Ontario -- to a front-line activist from Toronto Pig Save in need of a retreat after the horrific trauma of Oct 5th.

Simply go to: & make a donation, then let us know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many thanks friends for taking care of each other and for working hard to care for our most vulnerable. Love from

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Baby turkey has a chicken Mom

Sanctuary is about love, and love has no boundaries of species.

One Summer morning we were faced with a surprise intake of a very young baby turkey who arrived here at Piebird Farm Sanctuary. The little baby needed a Mom. Umber is a chicken-friend who was brought here this Summer; she was broody, not wanting to leave her nest, and we were anxious for her to waken and join the flock. A quick decision had us sneaking in the new baby hoping Umber would adopt her. What unfolded is a glorious example of inter-species love that has no bounds. Umber was so proud to suddenly be a Momma, she perked right up and got to work mothering her baby turkey, named Merl.

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Little Merl and Momma Umber explored the great big world of sanctuary together:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Umber is very proud of her turkey baby:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Together they explore sanctuary from sunrise to sunset each day:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

(Pics continued below) DOWNLOAD our "Turkeys are Poets" celebratory placemat to inspire your friends around the table to fall in love with turkeys. Turkeys are great, even Umber the chicken-friend thinks so!

Turkey Facts

Umber cuddles Merl at naptime, grooms her and allows her to feel safe & loved, like any other Mother would:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Umber showed the baby how to find food, talking to Merl in her chicken-voice, and Merl would respond in her baby turkey voice. It didn't take them long to learn each other's language:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

When Umber finds something good, she sings to call over baby Merl:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Umber taught Merl the basics in life as a chicken (or a  turkey...), like dust-bathing:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

(Pics continued below) New turkey-home fundraiser here at Piebird.

sanctuary buildings

As Merl grows quickly and becomes more and more like a turkey and not just a baby, their bond remians strong, beautiful and inspiring:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

With a loving home within the chicken flock, baby Merl is growing into a confident turkey:

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

Our hearts are capable of inter-species love too. Let Umber and Merl's story inspire you to extend your love to all species. Please choose vegan.

Baby turkey being raised by a chicken mom. @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary

This story is unique but the love exuded is not isolated to only Umber and Merl--all beings feel love and want friends, they form bonds, they are curious and interested. Please extend your understanding and open your heart to see loving beings like these as friends, not food.

Visit for more pics of the turkey friends who live here at Piebird Farm Sanctuary.


Piebird on Facebook -- @piebird_farm_sanctuary on Instagram


Bees in sanctuary on a vegan farm

bee hive design

We've been providing sanctuary for bee-friends for a couple years now -- it is important to us to provide freedom, independance and safety to honeybee colonies, and to advocate on their behalf. The other evening we heard another swarm of bees buzzing up high in a tree-branch -- the cluster was loitering as scouts were off looking for a place to build a home. A big storm was rolling in that would have been difficult for the unprotected swarm, so we quickly set up a new potential hive for them: a hollow-log with a funky peaked roof.

We climbed up the tree and cut off the branch the swarm was on and brought them to the new hive. The next day we saw that they had started to build, the home we set up for them was to their liking. Here they can live free and without human interferance, in sanctuary.

Many humans are wisely concerned about the health of the honeybee population. It feels important for us to be a voice in that conversation and communicate that a significate way to actually help bees is to not participate in their expliotation. Their honey belongs to them, and they need it as medicine to survive all of the hardships in this human-altered world.

Colony-sponsorship is avialable for the bee-friends who live here at Piebird Farm Sanctuary, contact us.


Since we opened we've hosted many happy couples on their honeymoon or romantic getaway, but over the last few years we're getting more and more weddings here now as well. Piebird is the perfect wedding/celebration venue for you! Lots of love and beauty everywhere!

Call us at (705) 724-1144 to book your special day! Piebird is a place full of Love!

Beauty awaits. Plan for us to make a homegrown vegetarian feast (everything at Piebird is actually vegan!). Book all of the rooms in the Guesthouse for the wedding party or let your family/friends stay over in our Birdhouse Cottage.

We have several photographers who have a special relationship to Piebird. Doing many shoots here they know the spots and the light to capture your day beautifully. We can provide you with the contact info for our photographers.

(We like to build a special new arbour for each summertime wedding.)

wedding venue north bay ontario

wedding outdoors

unique wedding north bay


Organic Gardening Workshop - HOW TO GROW THE FOOD YOU EAT

Love the Earth, Dig the Dirt.

Piebird is the perfect place to regain a connection to your food. GROW YOUR OWN!
Sunday May 15th, 9-3, 2016 -- $75/single, $140/couple.

Quietly walk away from the grocery store, come for this workshop/intensive and then begin enjoying homegrown goodness. This is a hands-on organic gardening learning experience perfect for you whether a beginner gardener or an experienced grower wanting to explore more alternative organic gardening practices.

organic gardening workshopWhether you have a sunny patio, a currently-lawned front yard, or a 3 acre lot, this workshop will put you in control of your food future.
organic gardening workshop
A complete exposure to the dynamic world of organic gardening, including:
Connecting soil health with plant health and your own health
Integrated composting, compost teas and managing your soil using only on-site inputs
Putting biodiversity to work controlling insects, pests, disease and unwanted weeds
Learn the benefits of many weeds and observe the neighbourliness that makes companion planting become intuitive
Veganic organic gardening foundations and easy applications of theory, including space selecting, sod breaking, soil building, seeding, companions, dynamics, natural cycles, seed saving
Garden planning: what to plant, when to plant it and how
Use perennial foods as part of a permaculture garden
Seed starting, seed harvesting (our own open-pollenated heirlooms) and seed storage
Northern growing and simple season extension


Fit food growing into your day, utilizing natural cycles to save time
Inspiration to change your lifestyle so that food-growing becomes a priority
Demystify organics as easy, fun and necessary
Realize rewarding work is fun!
Employ interdependence within ecosystems and time-saving methods
Use seasonal, earthly, cosmic forces and biodynamics


Our zero-watering technique
Bringing nothing on-farm from off-site
Nourish the soil with plants rather than manures
& other avant-garde gardening practices...

how to gardenAs a participant you will leave inspired and fully equipped with the knowledge to be growing a significant amount of your own food. Gain a richer understanding of how to successfully and easily manage an organic vegetable garden to be growing the food that you and your family eat -- & have fun while doing it!

Enjoy an inspiring and educational retreat up here at Piebird and fill your head with everything you need to be growing your own food.
Look out your window and see where your food was grown. Become food independent. Be nourished. Enjoy life at its richest!

Small Group Learning (there will be a few scheduled dates in 2016 contact us if interested This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):
(single): $75
(two of you): $140

Custom Workshop (custom dates, pending availability):
for availability and custom workshop prices contact us
Prices do not include accommodation.

Workshop is taught by Yan (above) of Piebird and Soggy Creek Seed Co.

Piebird in Modern Farmer Magazine

"’ll mingle with chickens, goats, turkeys, and the like. But when it comes time to eat, you won’t see any of those critters on your plate. Piebird sets itself apart by following a purely vegan philosophy—even the soil is fertilized with plant matter, instead of manure. It follows, then, that this farmstay doubles as an animal sanctuary." View the feature.

Piebird in Your Daily Vegan

Your Daily Vegan wrote a wonderful Sanctuary Spotlight on Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay -- a great honour indeed! We're especially happy that the article uses the word "Love" over a dozen times!!! Read it here.

Piebird in Vegetarian Times

We're very honoured that Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay is featured in the December 2015 issue of Vegetarian Times. In their many years, Vegetarian Times has done mountains of good for the movement -- and in this issue you can also find some amazing vegan recipes and "the best vegan cookbooks of 2015!" (on newsstands everywhere!)

New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!