About Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay

Piebird is a loving home to rescued farm animals and a unique vegan agri-tourism destination for humans! Our focus is on the care and advocacy of animals and to continue being a leader in the kind food movement. Through sharing home-grown vegan fare, providing educational tours and workshops, our aim is to inspire humans to align their compassionate values with their daily choices.

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A video about life here at Piebird:

This was filmed a few years ago and still brings a smile.

History of Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay

In 2005, we (Sherry and Yan) left the city to start something. That something became Piebird. We bought this land and breathed new life into it: the grand century-old cottage was resurrected it back to it’s full glory, the overgrown fields were made rich again.

The Main Guesthouse is a Victorian-style Century cottage, built in 1902 by a Toronto furrier family as a stately summer residence — now of course it’s an established vegan stronghold in the North, evidence of changing values and the ethics. We just love how the house has transformed (and it loves this transformation too!).

(We'll finish this history section sometime in the future...)

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New Piebird Store!

Support the sanctuary with some fun art we made for you! http://store.piebird.org/ -- Shirts, heirloom seeds, tote bags, magnets and more!